How to Expand a Datastore in vSphere 5.1

Here is how I expand a datastore in vSphere 5.1. There are other ways to do this, but this is just the way I am familiar with, so this is how I do it. The underlying LUN has already been expanded before performing this operation. You can also expand a datastore by adding an extent from another LUN, but we’re not covering that here. The space has been allocated on the current LUN.

  1. Log into vSphere, select a host (I always grab the master, which is normally the first one in my environment), and go to:
    1. Configuration Tab
    2. Storage (under Hardware)
    3. View Devices
    4. Select the LUN that has your datastore
  2. Verify LUN ID and size to make sure you have the right one, and you know your starting point.
  3. Rescan all your storage devices to pick up the increased size from your SAN/NAS/etc.
  4. Just click OK.
  5. Now you will see your LUN has been updated.
  6. Now switch back over to your Datastore View and find the Datastore you wish to expand.
  7. Right click the Datastore and select Properties.
  8. You can note the current size of the datastore under Primary Partitions, and the total capacity of the LUN under Device. Click Increase to start the process of adding more space.
  9. Select your device and click Next.
  10. Preview your changes and click Next.
  11. Choose how much of the free space you want to use. Here I just used all of it.
  12. Review your changes and click Finish.
  13. You can now note your new size and click Close.
  14. Refresh your view, and you will see the new size of your Datastore.
  15. Just a closing note, I always rescan the storage devices and refresh the datastores on my other hosts just to make sure everything is consistent. If the additional space isn’t picked up by the other hosts, then further troubleshooting would be required. I have not encountered that problem, however. If I do, I’ll make a post about that.

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