How to Expand a Datastore in vSphere 6.0

Here is how I expand a datastore in vSphere 6.0. There are other ways to do this, but this is just the way I am familiar with, so this is how I do it. The underlying LUN has already been expanded before performing this operation. You can also expand a datastore by adding an extent from another LUN, but we’re not covering that here. The space has been allocated on the current LUN.

  1. Log into vSphere Web Client and Select Hosts and Clusters.
  2. Select your hosts, go to the manage tab, select Storage, then Storage Adapters and then Rescan all your adapters.
  3. Select OK to Rescan the Storage
  4. Refresh the Storage Information when complete.
  5. Go to Datastores, select your Datastore, go to the Manage Tab, Select Settings, then General and click the Increase button.
  6. Select your device, then click Next.
  7. Set your new datastore size, then click Next.
  8. Verify you have what you want, then click Finish.
  9. Click Refresh to see your new size.

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