How to Expand a LUN on an EMC VNX5300 (via LUN Migration)

Here is how to expand a LUN by just moving it to a larger LUN. This method takes longer, but avoids the messiness of having MetaLUNs and trying to figure out where your data really is in your array.

  1. Once logged into EMC Unisphere, select your system.
  2. Select “Storage” then “Storage Pools” from the menu.
  3. Go to the “RAID Groups” Tab.
  4. Select a RAID Group with the appropriate space and performance, then Right Click and select “Create LUN”.
  5. ¬†Allocate the amount of space you want your LUN to have, and give it a name. I normally give it something generally descriptive so I can find it in the migration step, but it doesn’t have to be exact. It will take on the name of the LUN you migrate to it in the end.
  6. Yes to confirm LUN creation.
  7. Click OK to close the window when creation is complete.
  8. Cancel out of the the LUN Creation window.
  9. Refresh the bottom pane to see your new LUN.
  10. From the menu bar, go to “Storage” and then “LUNs”.
  11. Right Click the LUN you want to expand, and select Migrate.
  12. Select the LUN you just created and click OK.
  13. Click Yes to start the migration.
  14. Click OK to acknowledge the migration process has started.
  15. You can monitor the process from the “LUN Migration Summary” option in the right panel.
  16. Click Refresh to get an updated status.
  17. The box will clear when it’s complete. Click OK.
  18. Your LUN will now show the new size, and the smaller LUN will be gone.


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