How to Proactively Replace a Drive in a VNX5300 that is a Hot Spare

This is how I proactively replaced a hard drive that was serving as a hot spare. The drive was getting “Soft Errors” when are basically bad sectors on the disk. The drive hasn’t failed, but will at some point and I want to go ahead and remove it from the system.

  1. Log into Unisphere and select your system.
  2. From the top menu, select Storage Pools from the Storage menu.
  3. Go to the RAID Groups tab (if you’re using RAID Groups instead of Storage Pools).
  4. Select the RAID Group that has your drive.
  5. Go to the Disks tab. (I do it this way to verify I have the right disk.)
  6. Right Click the disk and select Delete.
  7. Confirm that you are sure by clicking Yes.
  8. From the System Menu, select Disks.
  9. Navigate to the disk and you will see it is unbound. At this point you can go and physically remove the disk. You will get an alert stating that the disk has been removed from the system.
  10. When you check back, the status will say Empty.
  11. After waiting for a minute (I always wait 60 seconds), you can insert the replacement disk.
  12. The disk will now say Powering Up.
  13. Once is it ready, it will go to an Unbound status.
  14. Go to Hot Spares from the System menu.
  15. Click the Create button.
  16. Select your disk and click OK.
  17. Click Yes to confirm.
  18. Click OK to acknowledge the Hot Spare was created.

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