Unisphere Certificate Error for the VNX5300 – SP Edition

So, the other day I had a certificate error from my control stations since my certificate had expired. Today, I received a similar error, only due to the SSL certificate expiring on the Storage Processors. This was a quick and easy fix. I’ll skip the part where I log into Unisphere, since if you’ve made it to the point you have this message, you know how to do that.

  1. I received this error logging into Unisphere:
  2. By checking the details, I can confirm the certificate expired yesterday:
  3. From inside Unisphere, the error appeared like this:
  4. I closed Unisphere and browsed to the Storage Processor’s setup utility directly at https://<storage processor IP>/setup and logged in with my Unisphere credentials:
  5. I clicked on the Manage SSL/TLS certificate button:
  6. Then I generated a new certificate:
  7. Certificate was generated, so I backed out of these screens:
  8. Then I logged out of the control station:
  9. Then I repeated Steps 4-8 for the other control station:
  10. When I logged back into Unisphere, I could see that the certificate was not trusted (before it was expired):
  11. Looking at the details I could see the new expiration date, so I accepted the certificate:
  12. I repeated the process for the other SP:
  13. Once logged into Unisphere, I could see that everything was OK again:

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