Desktop in RDP Window is too Hard to Read

Sometimes with nice new things, you get annoying problems when using them with your old things. This is one of those times. We started getting laptops, tablets, etc with really nice, high resolution displays. When we use Remote Desktop to connect to some of our older servers, the RDP window displays the remote desktop text, icons and other items very small. There is an easy, quick fix for this. My screenshots won’t show the dramatic change, as my monitor isn’t one of those super nice new ones, but you’ll get the idea.

  1. Resize your RDP window so it is NOT full screen. You’ll need to be able to click on the title bar (not the blue connection bar when full screen is enabled).
  2. Right Click the title bar, go to Zoom, and select something like 200%, or whatever suits your needs. You may need to play around a bit to get the right look.
  3. Now your Session won’t require a microscope to use.

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